Greetings and welcome to the official web-site of the Bloodguard. For those of you who do not know of us, we are a medieval German household located primarily in the Kingdom of the East in the southern region and in Northshield in the Twin Cities. The Society of Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a worldwide organization dedicated keeping alive the once forgotten ideals of courtesy and chivalry by enacting the current middle ages. While there are many SCA activities in which to participate, our household concentrates in the area which is known as heavy weapons combat. Heavy weapons combat is a full contact non-choreographed contest of skill in which the participants are wearing armor made of rigid materials such as stainless steel (which we prefer), mild steel, and leather. The participant's weapons are made of rattan, which looks like bamboo, but has a solid fiber core. Some of the more common weapon forms are sword and shield, polearm or poleaxe(two handed pole weapon), florentine(two swords), spear, mace and shield and axe and shield. Some of the other SCA activities consist of combat archery,target archery, fencing, garb making, brewing and heraldry to name a few. If you are looking for a great way to escape the stress of mundane life then you've found it right here.

While our headquarters is in New Jersey within the SCA's East Kingdom, we have members throughout other kingdoms who are spreading the good name of our household. Currently we have members in the Kingdoms of the East (Delaware to Maine), Atlantia (Maryland to So. Carolina), Trimaris (Florida and the immediate surrounding states) and Drachenwald (Europe). The largest out-lying group of our household is in Northshield (MN, WI, ND, SD) and is led by Duke Lars Wolfsblut. He has made Bloodguard one of the more known houses in Northshield. House Bloodguard or Haus Blütwache as it is pronounced in German, strives to resemble a faction of the Medieval German military order known as the Teutonic Order.

We are always in search of new members who show the initiative and drive to become a fighter of high caliber. We have members which are proficient in many weapon forms and look forward to training new recruits that can commit to learning the art of heavy weapons combat. If you think you are interested in joining our group or if your an experienced fighter and looking for a new group to train with and perhaps join please contact us at: [for the East kingdom and all other kingdoms] or [for Northshield branch]